Aluminum Case Waterproof IP67 UV Soccer Field 50W Led Module Flood Light

Model No. LT-F285-50W
Item Type UV Led Light
Wattage 30W-300W
Voltage AC100-277V
Warranty 3 years
IP Rating IP67
Material Aluminum
LEDs UV Led Chips
Beam Angle 40°,60°,90°,150×75°
Fixture painting  White/Black
Working Temp -20 ~ +45°C

Product Description

Ultraviolet LED lamps are rapidly replacing standard fluorescent UV lamps in industrial applications due to their high output, low maintenance, low temperature operation and long service life. Like our regular LED lights, our UV LED lamps are built with high quality and high performance in mind, including extruded aluminum housings, high quality LEDs, built-in voltage and thermal control circuitry, and components that meet US standards. Our UV LED lamps are suitable for a variety of applications including paint curing, non-destructive testing, military lighting, machine vision and inspection. We offer UV LED lamps in spotlight or floodlight configurations, and we are highly recommended for high stress applications where durability and reliability are critical to effective operation.

Our Advantages


IP67 Design ,100% Waterproof Tested

1, 100% tested , do waterproof test one by one .
2, Aging test , then put the light into water and then aging.


Good Heat-sink

1.With Build-in Heat-sink, no fan design, no fan noise and save energy bills for cooling fan.
2.Embedded installation and hanging installation both available.
3.Unique design Heat dissipation.

24 hours full time to test before shipment to ensure product in high quality.

Different UV wavelength have different spectrum, we support custom spectrum.


1. Special effects, Blacklight stage performance and DJ disco night club parties, ,UV face/ body paint and art painting, Decorations for Halloween, Plant growth, Aquarium, Fishing, etc.
2. Illumination of blacklight reactive pigments/paints/dyes, glow-in-the-dark applications, neon colors, fluorescence looking effect, etc.
3. Discovering certain insects and animals urines. Finding stains on the wall/ground in the dark, etc.
4. Authenticating Currency, DL, ID Cards, Passports etc..
5. Disinfection Sterilize.

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